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Multi-Level Decks

A multilevel deck is a series of several separate decks on individual levels that are connected side by side or by steps. The terrain often dictates the need for a multilevel deck: Hills, slopes, and rocky landscaping may not be able to accommodate any outdoor living spaces except by constructing a series of decks offset at different heights.

A multi-level or split-level deck can help separate the deck for unique use cases such as entertainment, cooking, and sitting areas. This decking solution will bridge the gap between home and lawn for a seamless design.

Multi-level decks are significantly more expensive than standard square or rectangular decks because of the additional materials and labor they require to construct.

Building a multi-level or elevated deck is not a job for beginners; it requires the right planning, right materials, skills, and equipment.

If you are ready to start your project and have questions about the deck-building process or decking options, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Multi-Level Deck
Multi-Level Deck


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