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Does a Deck Add Value to a Home?

Would you like to add a deck but are unsure how much to invest in it and what value a deck adds to your property? Learn how decks increase home value and what percentage return on your investment you'll get if you sell the house.

Today's reality for many people is that the deck is synonymous with outdoor living, so decks have become a must-have for many homeowners. High workload, constant stress, the recent pandemic, and other factors of modern life force us to look for a place where we can distract and relax. Resting in the fresh air and sunshine, without leaving all the comforts of home, became a prized commodity. In addition, the new deck improves the look and enjoyment of your property for years to come, and also expands your outdoor living space and adds structure and beauty to your yard.

Backyard decks have become even more essential for us, and deck construction/renovation is one of the most demanded home improvements in the construction market these days. This means that the value of your new deck will be stable for a long time. So, yes — a high-quality deck will increase home value significantly, making it one of the more cost-efficient investment ways to add value to a home.

High-Quality Low-Maintenance PVC Deck Pulsar Construction
High-Quality Low-Maintenance PVC Deck Pulsar Construction

We spent hours on experts' websites gathering realistic information about what percentage return on deck investment will be, and how deck value changes over time. After studying the collected information, we came to the conclusion that there is no formula by which you can find out the exact cost of the deck when selling a house. The deck value is approximate and highly variable, and it depends on the quality of the materials used, size, shape, functionality, location, and age of the deck.

So, based on the most popular low-maintenance composite decking, if your deck is not older than 5 years, you can get back up to 80% of the money spent building that deck. For a 10-12 year old deck, you may get around 50-60% of money spent on a deck, and 30-40% for a 15-20 year old deck.

Factors that may keep your deck value for a longer time:

* Quality-built professional deck structure with high-quality composite or PVC decking materials, with transferable manufacturer warranties ranging from 25 to 50 years. Homeowners looking to enjoy a low-maintenance deck for decades and find composite and PVC decks are a better value.

* Deck size, shape, and functionality. A big deck or a multi-level deck can be used for many specific functional zones. A house that has a multifunctional deck with dining, entertainment, and relaxation zones will be more attractive to home buyers.

* Covered decks allow homeowners to enjoy their decks year-round and require less deck maintenance to protect against extreme weather. Fixed deck covers/awnings, also known as stationary deck covers, are attached to a building's exterior. They're stable and reliable solutions built to withstand varying weather conditions. Aluminum stationary deck covers are affordable and made of long-lasting, extremely durable materials.

High-Quality Low-Maintenance Composite Deck Pulsar Construction
High-Quality Low-Maintenance Composite Deck Pulsar Construction

In short. Adding a quality deck will always increase the house's value. If you're interested in a low-hassle, high-performance deck that will improve your home's value for years, consider composite or PVC decking. And don't forget to consider us for your deck-building or deck-replacement needs.

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